Optimised for stringed use in large sized solar installations, Hoppecke's solar.power range is designed to maximise efficiency and cycle life, making them ideal for off-grid solar applications. They feature highly effective tubular plate technology which maximises charge acceptance and a design which allows for excellent compatibility and space utilisation. In addition this, these batteries also feature all of the maintenance-free benefits that come with gel technology batteries.

6 OPzV 520Ah - 2V Gel Cell

  • Weight (KG) 48.7
    Manufacturer Hoppecke
    Delivery Time Zimbabwe (Est) 2-3 weeks
    Battery Type Gel Lead-Acid
    Battery Voltage 2
    Cycles at 50% DoD 3000
    Cycles at 80% DoD No
    Watt-Hour at C20 1524
    Amp-Hour at C20 762
    Warranty Length No
    Amp-Hour at C100 847