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The KODAK OG-7.2 Max Off-Grid inverter is a 7200 watt inverter. This inverter boasts dual 4kW MPPT's which adds flexibility to your design. The 7200 watts design is perfect for installations where 5000 watts are to little and 10000 watts are to much, the perfect middle point size. If the 7200 watts is not enough for you, then the OG-7.2 can parallel up to 6 units in a single or 3-phase configuration for a total of 43200kW. The OG-7.2 has a RGB light that changes colours depending on the inverter's current working mode.

More features of the OG-7.2:

Built in Wi-Fi for online monitoring via the IOS or Android app

BMS communication via RS485, makes it compatible with Pylontech batteries

Compatible with utilities main or generator

Built-in anti-dust kit

Dual 4kW MPPT's

Parallel up to 6 units in single or 3-phase

High Voltage MPPT, less PV cable means less cost and less labour

Kodak King 7.2kw Hybrid Inverter

$1,100.00 Regular Price
$950.00Sale Price
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