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Simple. Silent power production

How solar works

          Solar Panels


Solar panels consist of cells made from semiconductor material. When light shines on these cells they produce an electrical current which combines with adjacent cell output to give a measurable electrical power.





Solar panels produce a Direct Current (DC) which is not suitable for home appliances and electronics. An inverter is an electronic device that changes this DC to an Alternating Current (AC) that can power your television, lights and refridgerator. 





Batteries are the heart of an off grid solar system. The batteries store power for use after the sun sets. Power is supplied to the appliances via the inverter until the battery is low.


         Electrical Panel


The electrical panel is commonly reffered to in Zimbabwe as the Distribution Board (DB) and is attached to the utility meter. After a solar installation the power from the inverter is connected to the DB. 




The controller manages power supplied by panels to the batteries. When the batteries are full the regulator will cut off supply protecting the batteries from overcharging.


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