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Energy for Business

Solar power gives your business the independence to reduce its operating costs by taking control of your energy needs. With solar, you can protect your company from rising energy expenses while also generating revenue from renewable energy subsidies. Solar panels also increase the value of your property and send a message about the sustainable values of your business

At SolarSky we understand how the availability of energy and its management is critical for productivity and profitability of your company. With the cost of electricity rising yearly, the choice and cost of energy has become an important business decision.

Our Energy for Business solutions are designed to assist businesses in managing their energy costs through structured investments renewable energy solutions.

  • Solar PV & Hybrid Energy Systems

  • Data Centre Power Solutions

  • Energy Auditing

  • Power Management Systems

SolarSky has supplied, installed solar systems and provided energy management services for:​

  • Econet Wireless

  • Safeguard Security

  • Integrated Construction Projects

  • Salini Impregilo/Tokwe Murkosi

  • ZBC

  • Petrotrade

Why Invest in Solar

Today solar has become the first choice for new power installations in the utilities and business sector. The rapid growth of solar has resulted in prices of solar equipment significantly falling. 


As a result solar is now an affordable option for small to medium sized businesses.

A responsible organisation will consider both the lifetime cost and environmental impact of its power supply.

The solar advantage

Financial Benefits

Reduce or eliminate your electricity bill for the next 25 years

5 year return on investment

Cheaper to install

Low lifetime costs

Visible sign of commitment to a sustainable future

Significant brand and marketing appeal

Reliable electricity

Green Benefits: 1kW solar systems offsets 1 ton of harmful emissions equivalent to planting 20 trees

Other Benefits

How much will it cost?

Before the benefits of solar can be realized a business has to pay for the hardware which includes the solar modules, inverters and batteries where back up is required.

There are various options through which a business can pay for the solar system. Should a company afford to pay for the systems from it's cash reserves the full benefits of solar can be realised.

We can provide assistance in applying for a financial institution to reduce the burden of an upfront payment. An energy audit may be required to reduce the base load power consumption of the business premises resulting in a lower power requirement.

FREE Energy Audit for Companies


We offer energy audits to selected companies free of charge. Results from the audit are very important in choosing the best alternative energy solution specific to your industry and operations. 

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