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Microtek UPS SEBz 900VA is a Pure Sinewave UPS suitable for running Load upto 720 Watts. (i.e. Combination of Fans,Lights,Television and Computer ). Built with Micro Controller Based Intelligent Control Design and Pure Sinewave Output. It is most recommend Home UPS for 2-3 BHK Homes. It does not create any Humming Noise from Inductive Load such as Fans and it supports wide range of Batteries from 100 AH to 180 AH.

Microtek 900VA SEBz

    • Rated Capacity: 900VA/12V

    • Output Power: 720W

    • Battery: 1 battery 12V

    • Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave

    • Micro Controller Based Intelligent Control Design.

    • LED Display Indications (Status & Fault)

    • CCCV Technology with Auto Trickle Mode

    • Smart Overload Sense and Short Circuit Protection

    • Battery State Monitoring

    • Multi Stage Battery Charger

    • Mains Input Voltage Range Slide Selection Switch

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