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Suntask Solar


Price excludes
100L Gravity

Small off-grid family home

150L Gravity

Small family home and on grid money saver

200L Pressure

High efficiency solar water heating

Solar Geyser Sizes
Solar Geysers

The non-pressure solar geysers come with heat collectors which are the vacuum tubes, header and storage water tank with stainless steel inner, zinc coated outer and 55mm polyurethane insulation, magnesium softening bar and optional extra of electrical element and control box for backup.


The geyser must be mounted on the roof-top at an approximate angle of 22 degrees and should face north in the Southern hemisphere or best position for sunshine.


How the system works:


Cold water flows into the top of the holding tank through the header tank and into each of the vacuum tubes, where the water is heated by the sun`s rays and flows by convection up the vacuum tube into the holding tank. Hot water flows from the bottom of the tank to the house by force of gravity.


Advantages of Solar Water Heating:

  1. Environmentally friendly & low water heating costs reducing carbon dioxide emissions by over 20%

  2. Vacuum tubes are very efficient with up to 90% heat and radiation energy transfer

  3. Solar geysers are suitable for domestic household requirements, lodges and tourist resorts, mining and housing complexes.

  4. Ideal for urban areas without electricity and and in those with electricity it reducesy costs by 25-30%.

  5. Water Heating Systems can be custom designed to suit all clients requirements as per above uses.


Will It Work 24/7?

Solar geysers are designed with an insulated tank to keep the water warm overnight. Heat loss can be as little as 3 degrees from evening to the next morning.


Which size do I need?

The choice of tank size largely depends on the size of the family and hot water usage patterns in the household. A 200L system is recommended for a 3 bedroomed home with four occupants and using warm for bathing and cleaning only.


How much does installation cost?

A typical installation costs about $250 with the most suitable material. In someinstances extra material may be required to connect the hot water supply to the water distribution system in the house.


We provide a free quote with every purchase.



200L Gravity

Off-grid home or replacement of electric geyser

Still Building The House?

Our Electrical Services department provides tubing and wiring for new houses. Our approach to domestic eletrical installations is based upon energy efficiency and giving your home a modern feel. 


We also integrate existing electrical systems with solar and generator back up.  

DIY Solar

Would you rather install the system on your own? Our Solar Service Centre has all the accessories you need to make your DIY project a success. We have accessories ranging from panel rails, connectors, cables and battery cabinets to give the system a smart look inside the house.

Need a tailor-made solution? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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