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Rental FAQ

How long can I rent a backup system?

Power Bloc hire is available for the following minimum periods. 

Week Days: 3 Days
Weekends: 4 Days

Weekday Collection: from 10am - 4pm
Weekday Return: before 9am 



What is the maximum rental period?

Every rental contract ends in a maximum of 30 days. After which a renewal can be arranged. For longer rentals the fee can be negotiated.


How long does it take to deliver?

Our power delivery time is 2-hours provided registration and necessary approval is already done. Register early to avoid delays in delivery time.

How much Power am I getting?

Power ratings of our solutions are available on our website as well as on your application form. You should confine your consumption to power equipment listed in your application or recommended by the technicians. Failure to do this will result in reduced runtime of service.


Is the system Plug and Play?

All 2.4kWh and 4.8kWh systems come with a socket where only a power adaptor can be connected or directly to an appliance. Any works that require distribution board alteration will be done by SolarSky technicians for a fee. Backup connectivity-ready equipment can also be installed at your premises for a once off fee. This will help reduce our power delivery time to within 1 to 2 hours.

9.6kWh to 48kWh system will require and electrician to connect and disconnect the system and produce a Certificate of Conformance.


Is the system portable?

All systems are fitted with trolley wheels and can be transported with a small truck. Systems bigger than 10kWh will be deployed by SolarSky staff only and are too large for regular vehicles.

Do I need to pay a deposit and why?

You are required to pay a deposit on every rental as security. If deposit does not cover the damage you will be liable for any additional payment.


Where Can I Collect The System From?

Collections can be done at SolarCity shops or SolarSky offices. Deliveries can only be done during working hours.


Can I Rent From Outside Harare?

Rentals can be done in cities with SolarCity or SolarSky stores. As at January 2019 rentals are only available in Harare.


Is The System Ready To Use?

All systems come 100% charged and ready to run. Solar panels can be supplied for longer rentals to ensure the system is recharged on site.

PLEASE NOTE: As the renter it is your responsibility to ensure that the system is set-up and connected in compliance with the law. It is your responsibility to have an electrician issue a Certificate of Compliance (COC) for companies. It is vitally important to test the electrical output of the system PRIOR to connecting any equipment to ensure the electrical output of the system is correct for your equipment. SolarSky will not be liable for any damage caused to sensitive appliances and equipment.

Which Documents Are Required?


National ID

Proof of Residence

Proof of Income


Company Certificates

Proof of Residence (Rental Lease)

Trade References

Signed Rental Application


SolarSky reserves the right to withhold rental to any individual or company.

Do I need an electrician to connect the system?

Smaller systems are available as plug and play solutions. To run the system via your power distribution board our technicians will connect changeover equipment at a once-off extra cost. Bigger systems will require an electrician on site to connect and issue a conformance certificate.

How About Safety?

Safety is the responsibility of the RENTER (you). Ensure that the system is cordoned off from the public and only the necessary people have access to the system, distribution board and all other accessories.

Safety should come first! Ensure that all cables are in good condition and will not become exposed during operation.


How About Weekend Emergencies?

Weekend deployments will be arranged on a case by case basis. Only critical emergencies will be attended to including medical facilities, banking services, security lighting etc.

What Happens If I cannot Return The System on Time?

You will be charged an extra day the system is not returned or collected

What Happens If I Run Out of Power?

Power systems are supplied on kWh basis given the customer’s load requirements. When power stored runs out we consider the rental terminated since the rental fee is based on storage capacity. You have the choice to return the system when power runs out or at expiry of rental term.

Should power run out during the rental period you can request additional storage.


Battery swaps are done every 7 days. Should power run out before 7 days no swap will be done but you will automatically be upgraded to a larger storage.


It is your responsibility to store the system in a safe and secure place. You will be fully liable in the event of damage or theft of the unit supplied.

What if I get my Power back

Should your utility service be restored you can continue to use the Power Bloc to partially power your appliances & equipment. You can complete your rental period with power stored in the unit instead of switching back to utility power which you have to pay for again.



  • If unsure DO NOT CONNECT anything

  • Use only a qualified electrician to make electrical connections

  • Run system first before connecting any loads

  • Switch off the Power Bloc in the event of any alarm and call technical support

  • Ensure your electrical circuits do not have any short circuits

  • No unauthorized person to operate the system

  • Once switched on the system is live and the output produces electricity capable of inducing an electrical shock

  • Public safety comes first, use all known and necessary precautions and protection

  • Do NOT remove seals or tamper with connections. Tampering will result in forfeiting your deposit

Ready to power you!


With a Li-ion power storage bank of over 1 Mega-watt-hour PoweRent is ready to serve your emergency power needs. We can deliver our solution to your premises within 60 minutes of a power cut!

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