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Emergency power backup? We've got your back!

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Our Li-ion Energy Storage Services

Emergency Services


Power cuts, storm faults or vandalism on the grid? We can quickly deploy a power backup solution that will last for up to 30 days.

We have more than 1Mwh of stored power ready to serve you.



We have Li-ion storage equipment available on rent to buy.


Up to 12 months to pay and the equipment is yours.


Solutions range from 2.4kwh to 100kwh.



Are power cuts frequent in your location? We provide power insurance deployed on site to ensure business continuity.


Our equipment will be on site to provide backup when power is lost. 

Our Solutions
Continuous and reliable electricity is the lifeblood of many businesses as they use more technology than before.


Load shedding, storms, vandalism and maintenance constantly result in loss of power connectivity.

Our solution is a power storage service you can rent during power cuts. You have the option to get the solution delivered on demand, have it on site or rent to own.

Storage Service vs Generator 
Ready to power you!


With a Li-ion power storage bank of over 1 Mega-watt-hour PoweRent is ready to serve your emergency power needs. We can deliver our solution to your premises within 60 minutes of a power cut!

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