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Switch To Solar

The time for solar has come. Rooftop solar systems are fast dominating the local residential landscape. Most consumers now agree to the long term benefits of solar over conventional diesel backup against the current power challenges.

With no end in sight to today’s power crisis, long term solutions make absolute sense. Thinking of also switching to solar here’s a few things you will need to consider.

How Reliable is Solar?

Solar systems provide reliable power for homes, businesses and farms nationwide. However are these systems reliable and sufficient? Is the performance satisfactory? Reliability of a solar system is a question of design. How much power do you require? For how long? Which part of the day?

These are the simplest requirements that need to be addressed by the system designer at planning stage. An average solar system will provide power during the day but fail to meet the needs at night. The same will happen during overcast and rainy days.

A properly sized system will perform to the needs of the customer, regardless of the weather and time of the day. Some consumers however fear that this means more panels, more batteries, in effect more money. Which is true. A sufficient and satisfactory solar system will require a great financial effort. How though can this hurdle be cleared.

Finance and Budget

Today professional solar companies will offer some form finance for their systems, easing the financial burden. Finance comes in either of the following forms:

  • Deposit + Installments

  • Lay bye

  • Bank facilitated loan

Getting a finance plan will prevent customers from resorting to either purchasing an inadequate system or substandard equipment. Should you not qualify for finance you can always choose to build your system in modular units.

Some suppliers may deceive customers into believing the system will perform to expectations, only to fail over a few months of operation. This unfortunately happens very frequently. With a finance plan you will get a service level agreement which serves as security against any system failures.

Warranty Issues

Most suppliers are silent on warranties and evade the issue at all costs. It is the customers’ right and responsibility thought to insist on warranties. A standard warranty protects the customer against premature system failure, manufacturer defects and substandard products. Only reputable product brands will provide a standard warranty and backup.

Warranties should also come with a promise of technical support. This is particularly important for inverters which are prone to electrical damage.

Solar panels are designed to operate for 30-40 years although batteries require replaced every 2-3 years. Today’s systems are designed to require minimum to no human intervention. Thus the system will operate automatically and safely. No wonder solar has become the best option for most homeowners.

Are you considering also buying your solar system? Contact SolarCity on 08644 203 388 for a professional solar installation with finance and product support.

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